Missing COPY function on new EPG?


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Sorry if this has been covered before, but I've not found a thread on it. I just wanted a sanity check as I haven't been able to find the COPY function on the new EPG at all, which has meant that a lot of the overnight recordings I wanted to do I can't! The 'red' button I'd expect it to be is 'Anytime' on my screen now.

Thought I'd check before I got onto Sky about how useless the EPG has become!


(the new 'combined' listing also makes a right headache when you do a lot of manual recordings but that's another story!)


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Select the programme you want to copy in the planner - you should see a message at the bottom which says "<> for options." Press left/right and you get a green button option to copy.


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Thanks for that. Looks like there is a bug.

COPY option is available for:
EPG-recorded programme in main list
EPG-recorded programme in stacked list
Manual recording in main list

COPY option is NOT available for:
Manual recording in stacked list

Just tested by recording two manual slots on BBC1, 11:08-11:09am and 11:12-11:13am. The first one once recorded had the COPY option available, but once the second one finished and the planner stacked them together the COPY option then disappeared.

Addendum: these two recordings now DO have the COPY option! As I was pressing the < > selection it suddenly appeared! Hasn't on older recordings though. Talk about inconsistent!

Can anyone else confirm the strange behaviour (this is a Pace box)


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i thought i had read somewhere there are certain programs you cant copy


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i thought i had read somewhere there are certain programs you cant copy

Box office offerings are protected - by macrovision I think - which is indicated by a c in the info banner. (If you try to record them directly to a DVDR or VCR you get a white pulsing effect - try recording a commercial DVD for the same result.)

Additionally I believe the HDMI standard does allow broadcasters to control recording of material - eg complete prevention, one copy only, reduced resolution etc.

No one has implemented this yet but when Blu-ray recorders become popular you may see things change. I would certainly expect pay tv operators like Sky to restrict the ability to record Hi Def content - even if only at the insistence of program makers who will have an eye to DVD & Blu-ray sales.

Panasonic are releasing 3 models in June with the two HD versions costing £900 and £1000.

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