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So I have recently built me a gaming pc.
I used to game on Pc back in the late 90's and a little in the early 2000's. Within that time I also gamed on consoles but primarily moved exclusively to consoles in around 2001 and that's when I picked up an Xbox to replace my PlayStation.

Since building my new Pc as much as I love it, I am very much missing gaming on my Xbox and am now wondering if I have made a mistake.
I've thought of picking up an Xbox SX as well (if I can find one lol) but then what's the point if I can play all those Xbox games on my pc. Quite simply its the ease of use, Every thing just feels like a hassle.
God knows how many launchers i have installed to support my games, hitting the share button on the Xbox controller does nothing, game bar feels very clunky and more.
I just cant get back into mouse and keyboard
I'm very torn and not sure what to do.

Is any one else in this boat or had these same feelings? id be interested to know
Gaming is for pleasure, on consoles this is what they deliver, their easier, cheaper, the play games great and the actual difference between what you see is not game changing between a good PC and PS5/Xbox series S. And my God fast resume on the Xbox makes my PC seem slow when loading a game.

PC gaming has more levels to it though, I enjoy the hardware, upgrading it, building it, customizing the cooling and arguing the toss with others on here about which CPU is the best value for money. I own my PC as I built it. I choose each part and can fix it and I enjoy the "work" in maintaining it, yeah I am proud of it. My Xbox, nah I just bought that. And of course it can do more than a console, both graphically in games and for everything else I use it for. So there is a lot more to what it gives that just getting more than 60fps on Assassins Creed Valhalla on a PC. I should hope so it cost 3 times as much or possibly 4.

So The question is do you feel any of these things about your PC ? If you don't then they can be a very expensive and time consuming way to play something you could be doing for £450 and having to spend zero time thinking about it when you turn it off. Pure gaming no hassle. But if your like that stuff then PC gaming is the best, its a hobby even when your not playing games.

Personally I recommend anyone who wants to just play games to consider getting one of the new consoles unless they want/enjoy the above as well. There are a lot of good reasons to get a gaming PC I wouldn't be without one. In fact I haven't been for 31 years now and depending on your hardware they play games better (apart from the fast resume on Xbox - I effing love that feature which my PC doesn't have) Its down to want you want out of the experience and how much you want to spend in both money and time.
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I was in the same boat, in that I returned to PC gaming after a long time out (16 years since last building one).

I sold my PS4 Pro as I had completed all the exclusives I wanted to, well I swapped my son the Pro for his 1TB slim and sold that as he has PS VR and there was only £20 difference selling to Cex at the time. I kept my One X but to be honest I haven't turned it on since. I mainly played Forza on it, but since going to PC and getting both resolution and performance, not to mention using a wheel (I have a G29 that doesn't work on Xbox). I would probably sell that, but my youngest is now playing Minecraft on it so keeping it for him to play on.

The thing that annoys me most about the PC is I have been working from home since last March and we've been told we're never returning to 100% office based, going hybrid and downsizing office with fewer desks than staff. I spend enough time at my desk for work, so it pains me doing do for entertainment on my days off.

I will not be 100% PC, will pick up a PS5 when there's a non white version, stock is readily available and there's enough exclusives to warrant it as it will likely only be used for them, with PC for multi-platform.

The main reason I returned was for games that I find too clunky with gampad, like Planet Coaster, Desperados 3 and games not on console (yet) like Flight Simulator 2020 and Disco Elysium (which is now coming to consoles as well). I also always liked a tinker and missed that aspect of it!

I'm lucky though in that my son still has the PS4, I have the One X and my wife has a Series S so I can kick back in bed with that if I wish.

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