Missing chs on new diy sky install


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Hi there folks, some help if you can. Have just setup a sky system and having a few problems. I am getting a " no signal msg " for all the BBC and ITV channels . CH4 and CH5 are fine also no BBC news ch. all the rest of the channels that I checked are fine. Any ideas ?
For info:-
Checked the box at another location and all was fine.
Signal strength = 100%
Signal quality = 70%
Lock indicator = OK
Network ID = 0002
Transport stream = 07D4


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As you have elimintaed the box from the equasion this leaves the following problems:

Cable: What cable have you used, are there any tight bends that could of crushed the dielectric? This can knock out groups of channels.

LNB: Perhaps the LNB is faulty and not switching to a voltage or 22khz command?

Dish: Least likely but possible that the dish is not aligned correctly.

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