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Oct 4, 2001
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For the past two nights channels 103 and 104 have disappeared. The options do not appear in the EPG nor by slecting the numbers directly - the message 'Channel Unavailable' appears.

I mentioned this to a work colleague today and she has said that hers disappered last night also.

I admit that there is absolutely nothing to watch on ITV (bar the champions league), but it's nice to have the choice.

I am really missing my fix of 'Get me out of this Celebrity' and Britains Mingiest Cleaner/Taxidermist/MP etc.

Also - off topic, but it's mine anyway. Does anyone know if the Channel 4 doc 'Why the twin towers fell' is to be repeated. I missed this on Monday.

ITV1, ITV2 and Ch4 have now moved back to their proper place, so you'll be wanting to press 3 for ITV, 4 for Ch4 etc. Best to get a channel listing up so you can see what numbers are what (if you have a Pace box, just press OK or List to see this).
My TV has been behaving with all this messing about
Channel 103 disappeared on me on Thursday. Rebooted and it came back again. Not that it was missed much anyway. I believe there's going to be a similar programme on BBC on Wednesday night. Real insider stuff as it happened.
Channel 103 disappeared on me on Thursday. Rebooted and it came back again.

'Missing channels' might be caused by a faulty LNB (presuming you're using a sky dish of course.) Have you checked the strength of the signal? Not occassionally dipping is it?
I recently had a Cambridge LNB that was faulty, giving me the same symptoms.


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