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Will try this again as my other posts seem to have gone a bit odd.

I've had a problem appear with my Sony box.

To begin with the box simply said "no satellite signal being received" and I couldn't do anything with it. Switching it off at the mains for a bit now has that message appearing on some but not all channels. A reboot doesn't help.

I've swapped my Panasonic box with my Sony box. The Panasonic box works fine in both places, the Sony box gave no signal in both places. I therefore decided it must be the box.

However when I put the Sony box back in place after leaving it off for a few hours I now get some channels and not others so I'm beginning to doubt my diagnosis. My Sky+ box and Panasonic box give perfect pictures on all three feeds by the way.

On the Sony box this is what happens.
Can get;
ITV, Ch4, Sky, UK Gold, Living, Living+1, Challenge, Bravo, Bravo+1, Movies 7 and 9, Cinema 1 & 2, TCM, Europsort, MTV. There may be more but haven't gone through them all.

Can't get;
BBC1, BBC2, Ch5, Sky 1 Mix, UK Gold+1, Plus, Paramount, Movies 1-6, Movies 8,
Sports Channels

Out of the ones I can't get, I did manage to get them for a bit whilst flicking through the channels but not with any regularity.

Any ideas? Is it the box or not?


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I would certainly put money on the box being the problem.
It may be the tuner isn't sending the tone to the LNB to switch bands and polarities correctly which means that channels will be inaccesible at some times depending upon the band/polarity the box defaults to on booting up.

The simple fact the the two other boxes work fine on the SONY's cable connections proves that the dish/lnb/cable are not at fault.


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Thanks for the reply.

I think I may contact Sony about this as it's only 19 months old - you would think it should last longer than this.

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