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Yes - if you check the news article I posted above, you'll see the UHF channels 54-56 have been bought by EE in order to support their 5G expansion plans. COM7 (UHF 55) is due to be switched off by June 2022 at the latest, although EE could request it sooner (with 3 months notice) or Arqiva could even end it for commercial reasons before June 2022 if they wanted.

The UHF frequencies in the table for the Crystal Palace transmitter match those shown in your TV signal strength photos above, so I would say that's the transmitter you're most likely to be aligned to, in which case that is indeed an excellent coverage prediction for COM7 and perhaps further proof that you have a Group A aerial which isn't capable of picking up COM7 on UHF 55.

So I guess that is an indication that you should be able to receive COM7 with the right (wideband) aerial, but the info in those tables is just a prediction and there are also other factors that may affect the signal strengths you receive such as the height and location of the aerial, the state of your internal and external cabling, nearby trees, buildings etc. For the sake of receiving those COM7 channels for between 3 and 6 months, I still wouldn't bother upgrading the aerial, personally.
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Thanks @mikej I think I will hold on to see what the future holds for the COM7 channels.

I am keen to understand how and why channels are transmitted via each mux and was wondering, due to COM7 having a weekend strength nationally than others, does that mean there’s a cheaper cost for a broadcaster to run on this COM, or does it not work like that?


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Yours is a cheap 12? element contract aerial and is certainly a group A from the element size/spacing. (? usually they come in 10, 14 and 18 element versions ? Perhaps I can't count ;) ).

From the TV screen metering the gain seems to drop off a bit at the lower frequencies and it will droop considerably above ch 40 - but that's the typical gain curve of group A aerials so nothing to worry about if COM7 is not required.

Neighbour's looks like a Triax-Wolsey https://cpc.farnell.com/wolsey/108173/aerial-32-element-hg5-lte/dp/AP02517
Quoted as 10-12 dBi gain (= 8-10 dB ref a dipole, dBd).
That's quite low gain and yours is probably similar if not higher gain.

Why the neighbours aerial gave the same no COM7 result is a bit of a mystery, although the suggested "hdmi interference issue" may be a common factor?

Is there anything 'in the way' towards CP from your aerial? Tall trees, taller housing, industrial buildings etc.,.?

EDIT Wolfbane guesstimated 71dBuV/m from CP at the Rugby Stadium postcode. My own is 72dBuV/m from Sandy Heath and I use a loft aerial split two ways, and room aerials in the bedroom.
71dBuV/m is in the very strong territory; so even allowing for the -6 to -7dB of COM7 it should be very easily received.
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Thanks Rodders.

I live about 15miles from the CP transmitter, so I’m sure there will be a few tall trees/houses en route but nothing close by to my home.

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