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Hi all

I have recently moved into a property that has 4 ceiling speakers, two at the front and two at the rear. No center or sub which I will add shortly. My question is, the builder has mounted what looks to be 8” ceiling speakers at the front (closest to tv) and 10” at the back. I am running an Onkyo TX-NR676e receiver through Apple TV, set the audio to stereo and the fronts are very quiet compared to the rears, so much so that the mic does not pick up the sound when tuning, it only picks up the rears. I have calibrated the speakers so the fronts are +12db and the rears are -12db but now the volume overall is so quiet you cannot hear much, even with the additional volume setting increased. I am wondering if I should not worry about it yet as when I install the centre and sub it might all change again or the is some setting I am missing. Thanks for your time, Brett.


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If you're having to increase the level to +12db for the fronts then they're either highly inefficient speakers in terms of sensitivity (which also makes them harder to drive) or something is wrong somewhere.

Personally, I'd forget the front ones and get other speakers for the front end along with some other surround speakers and look at using the rear ceiling speakers as heights for Dolby Atmos.
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