mismatched speakers on Pio VSX-LX60


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I've just taken delivery of a Pioneer VSX-LX60 AV receiver and for the first time in my life I started to read the manual before turning it on !!
It states you can select speaker impedance of 8 ohm and greater or 6 ohm.

The speakers I currentley have are from my now defunct Sony DAV-S888 and state 3 ohms on the underside of them, with the old amp being 100w ( downhill with a following wind )

Question is
1. Could I damage the amp
2. could I damage the speakers
3. will it make do until I can afford decent speakers ?

I am also concerened that the PIO auto-setup could damage something as it states it uses 'test tones at high volumes' Obviously I can keep the Volume at a senisble levels manually when I'm watching movies etc but I'm concerned that this auto set up could wreck something before I've started ?


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Does anyone know how loud the test set up tones are ?
will my speakers catch fire and my house burn down :D


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Test tones will generally be performed at 0db which is VERY loud....;)

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