Mismatched cable length from pre to power amp - is it OK?

theo cupier

I'm upgrading from an integrated amp to a pre/power combo, with a separate AV processor, so I will end up with:

processor -> power amp (for rear and centre channels)
processor ->pre-amp -> power amp for front channels of 5.1

I need to route the processor (Yammy E800) via the pre-amp since all my audio sources are connected to the pre-amp and I am using a single 5-channel power amp.

Do I need the total length of interconnect between processor and power amp (whether direct or via pre-amp) to be the same for all channels? Ie:
processor ->2m-> power amp mixed with
processor ->1m-> pre amp + pre-amp ->1m-> power amp

Would it matter if the direct channels were shorter than those routed via the pre? For example:
processor ->1m-> power amp mixed with
processor ->1m-> pre amp + pre-amp ->1m-> power amp
If I could get away with connecting like this, it will save me a little money since I only need to buy 5x1m interconnects to add to what I have already!

Any advice greatly appreciated.


Active Member
You don't need to match the cable lengths. Time delays are minuscule (the signal propagates at about 180,000,000 metres/sec, and with those cable lengths reactive losses are so small that the difference will be insignificant.

Mark Grant

Novice Member
Hello Theo,

You will be fine with those lengths :)

If front left and front right where hugely different lengths that might not be ideal for music, but you will be OK,


theo cupier

Thanks guys. I thought as much but better safe than Swedish (as my father used to say) :D

Mr Grant - as soon as I've got my new AV rack sorted out I'll be on to you for some more of your fabulous cables :thumbsup:



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