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I've been trying to sort a misbehaving HTPC which wouldn't come out of standby properly (there was no HD activity). I used a Hitachi disk utility to check the hard drive and now it's lost one of the partitions. EASEUS can see the partition, it's label and contents but refuses to restore it.

Anyone got any suggestions? I've done nothing by way of loading or unloading since the problem occurred. Is it a case of repairing the MBR?

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thanks for replying: I've had a look with DiskPart. Listing the partions shows:

Partition 1 Primary 100mb
Partition 2 Primary 97gb
Partition 3 Primary 736gb
Partition 0 Extended 97gb
Partition 4 Logical 97gb

Now partition 2 I recognise as the c:, partition 4 is the d: (and is still present), and partition 3 was the e: and has disappeared!

Selecting partition 3 and asking for Detail shows:

Partition 3
Type: 7
Hidden: no
Active: no
Offset etc

There is no volume associated with this partition

trying to assign a letter gives the response: There is no volume specified.

So I guess that's where I need to start. How do I assign a volume to a partition?

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Thanks for persevering: I made the partition active but trying to assign a letter gave the response: There is no volume specified

In the end I used Paragon to get all the data off and am now re-formatting the disk.

Thanks again for your help.


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DiskPart is very powerful but incredibly difficult tool to use. I've only managed to use it properly a hand full of times. You have to be spot on with the syntax, otherwise it justs stick two fingers in your face. I think you was probably missing disk 3 volume 0 or something like that.

But yeah glad you got it sorted mate!
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