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      Reviewed by Keith Hurst, 31st January 2009
      Mirrors is a lost opportunity in my book, one which missed the mark by some way due to a number of factors... the dialogue at times (even for this type of film) is just a little on the ludicrous side, the video and audio although fine examples of how Blu-ray can be used are not actually used to the best effect by the director and finally the storyline should have been not necessarily compressed but certainly characters later in the movie should have been brought in a little earlier.The acting is good enough for what is required but I do think that Sutherland is more or less treading water; he's worth a lot more than this type of fodder. As mentioned the quality of the video and audio are good indeed and so the disc cannot be faulted from that point of view. The extras are pertinent and add something to the disc as a whole so nothing wrong there either, but even these are run of the mill stuff.

      A good enough buy if you're a dyed in the wool horror fan but if, like myself, it's not a genre you indulge yourself with all too often then perhaps a rental is good enough for you as no doubt you'll find better creepies out there to permanently sit on your hallowed shelves.
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