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Ive been reading ,reading and more reading about photography(probably a bad thing:rolleyes: ) in the hope of becoming half decent with a camera.

In my studies I came across this tip from the pro's:cool: for tack sharp shots....>>>>Mirror lock up.

Has anyone used this method to attain tack sharp shots,its something id like to have ago at(experimental).

I was thinking maybe a before mirror lock shot and after(using same scene).

Has anyone tried this?Has anyone got any comparison shots and more importantly is there any reason why this is not a good idea?.



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It's only not a good idea if you forget to focus before you lock the mirror up ;)

If you're going to use mirror lock up you're doing it because you really want to minimise camera shake and vibration, for landscapes, long exposures, astrological photography etc. You'll more than likely have a sturdy tripod and use a cable release.

I read somewhere (can't find it now) that mirror lock up is most useful in the shutter speed range in which the mirror action causes most camera vibration due to the resonance caused by the moving parts.

You could always try taking some tripod mounted comparison shots in the shutter speed camera shake danger zone (between about 1/250 sec - 1 sec I think) and see what you think of it?

If you haven't got a sturdy tripod and aren't using a cable release/long timer then it may not improve things that much.

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