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Hi There

I have been looking at buying a 32" LCD TV for some time now, but am getting incresingly confused by all the sets on the market.

I am looking at the Mirai DTL-532W100, as this is in my price range and appears to have all the features I need.

Does anyone have any opinions on this TV? I will be using it for gaming, for my PC and for normal TV viewing.

Also, if anyone can reccomend a TV for less than £500 it would be very much appreciated.

Many Thanks


My opinion for what its worth as im no expert

ive had the 32in Mirai tv now for a month , Ive had no problems (although read about various different problems others have had ) the pc is connected to the vga input and it makes a exellent monitor 1360 x 768 . Its really clear and readable on word documents , email etc.

I have a Dvd player attached to scart 1 and the picture is very good ,

The telewest tv drive when connected by Hdmi is stunning ( not much Hd content to see ) i also have the samsung slimfit (with no problems ) and the Mirai is lot s clearer than the Samsung on Hd. Id say on Sd tv with a cheapo asda freeview box the slimfit is clearer but as its a crt its to be expected . For the price its not a bad buy for a bujet Tv

hope this helps

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