Question Mio Mivue 618: not recording certain journeys & records random clip lengths

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    I had the Mio MiVue 618 installed by a professional at the tail end of 2017 and to begin with the workings of it were fine. Or at least they seemed to be. The dash cam was hardwired to start recording once the ignition is on.

    In recent months though i've noticed that some times it doesn't record a journey. This came to my attention when i was very nearly wiped out on the motorway. I plugged the memory card in to my PC when i got home to notice that it didn't record the entire journey, not just that segment. So basically that day it recorded me driving from home to work and parking up. Then it didn't record me travelling from work to the gym (which is when the incident occurred) & parking up. It then recorded me driving from the gym to home.

    This doesn't happen a lot but i've found it to happen more than once. Even just once is bad enough because you just know that if you find yourself in what would be a 50/50 claim where any footage would prove the other person at fault ... this is when the dash cam would end up having not recorded.

    I've gone through the menu system as best i can understand it and can't find anything that explains why this may be happening. I've since updated to the latest firmware version and this didn't fix anything.

    My second issue with this camera is again only happening the past couple months or so. You can set it to record in 1min, 3min or 5min clip lengths & that's how it used to do it. Lately though it's very random. I'll take a 10 mile drive, around 20 mins & instead of it being made up of continuous 3min clips with the final one being whatever it is, the whole journey is random clip lengths anything between 0:01 seconds & 3:00mins. It'll stop a clip at let's say 1:56mins (time picked at random - like the dash cam), the next clip will last 0:01 say, the clip after that will let's say be 0:06 seconds, then a 2:32 clip say. It's all over the place.

    I've tried changing it to 5:00min clip length - same problem. Back to 3:00 - problem persists.

    The installer suggested it was because i'm using a 128GB card - although this card is supported. I've dropped back to a 64GB card - problem persists and back to the provided 32GB card - problem persists.

    Card is a Toshiba microSDXC UHS-I card, UHS Speed Class 3, Class 10. M302-EA EXCERIA. I have the 32GB (provided by the installer), the 64GB & the 128GB versions of this card.

    Sorry for the long post but trying to provide as much info as possible hoping someone can help?

    I should maybe add that my partner has the Mio MiVue 698 dual cam which i believe the forward facing cam to be the same as my 618 which was installed only weeks after mine was and there's been absolutely zero issue (or at least as far as we can tell) with this camera.

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