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Just been searching round a few sites as I want to buy this and I am undecided about R1 or R2 so i thought I would look at the BBFC website to see if it was cut for the UK (for the 12 cert) there they say on june 13th 02 which ran for 144m and a few sec at so many frames per sec now the video versions are running at 139m 14secs for the closed caption and 139m 13 secs for the widescreen version all with no cuts now i think the times between the film and video versions are due to the pal speed up factor (could be wrong though) but why is there a whole 1 sec between the video versions could this be for another title thingy to do with closed captioning ???? or were the films submitted already cut anyway Play also give a running time of 144 min appox so which which? and who is right? and which region do I get? are they the same so therefore get R2 as it is out 2 weeks earlier?? and were do i get the best price?? seems about £15.99 for R1 or £16.99 for R2 or even wait till Jan and ger the R4 at about £13????


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DVD Compare is always a good place to check.
They say that R1 + R2 are the same, apart from possibly some extra trailers and tv spots in the R1.

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You are right - the differences are due to PAL speedup (4%).

The differences between the video versions are just due to differences between film studio logos displayed at the start and end and things like that. Nothing to worry about.

As Lex said, DVDcompare will give you the differences. R2 is not censored but R2 might not have some trailers/TV spots that will be on R1 (not a decisive factor for most people).

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