minority report, unedited?


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Has there been an unedit release of Minority Report on DVD, because most places ive asked are edited even R1

i.e. in the eye transplant scene the surgeon clearly says the word "HARD ON" but it has been dubbed over with the word "ATTITUDE" in:

CHAPTER 12 about: 1:06:27

I know it is a minor edit but one we could have done without

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Directors commonly change their minds about scenes and dialogue after the filming process is complete and then get the actors to re-dub new lines. Sometimes there are other reasons such as pressure from the studio or the use of a non-native actor, etc.

Sometimes you notice these changes, sometimes you don't.

The DVD release is the film as it should be AFAIK. Spielberg has been pretty definitive about his DVD releases in the past (what few of them we have) so I wouldn't expect to see any other release.


that line was changed in the cinemas as well so i very much doubt you'll find an unedited version, be it for rating or because spielberg changed his mind this seems to be the 'official' version in all regions.

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