Minority Report R2 DVD review


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what's the film like, I never got round to seeing it and to be honest AI made me very hesitant about Speilberg Sci-Fi efforts.


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You'll either love it or hate it.:devil: It's one of those films. Personally I enjoyed it warts and all, the ending seems tacked on and is overly sentimental and some what predictable, as is the story as a whole but hey it's a Spielberg film, if he's not your cup of char best avoid.:)


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your review makes it sound very much like AI! Love it or hate it and tacked on ending!

It looks like a more serious sci fi actioner tho so I'll give it a go. Very nice production design.


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I never saw it either, wanted to but never got around to it. so its going to be another on my shopping list i guess.

Rambo John J

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I didn't think the plot was twisty enough. Considering it was supposed to be a sci-fi whodunnit thriller with a dark "ironic" edge to it, it all seemed a bit basic (and more than a little predictable). Not something I'd go out of my way to see again although it wasn't bad. It just didn't leave any questions nagging in my head that would have me watching it again, the way a good thriller like that normally does.
I think Spielberg should stick to the popcorn stuff rather than this kind of thing. Funny, I like AI

Steve T

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IMO Minority Report is a big improvement on the woeful AI and I think it's worth picking up at the right price.

It's more a who-dunnit set in the future rather than a pure SCFI affair.

Squirrel God

It's definitely a 2-disker then? Nice one! :)

Am looking forward to seeing this :)

Anyone else notice the drop down box at the bottom of the review? It asks you to "choose your region". I clicked it expecting to select "Region 2" or "Region 1" etc (well, it does come at the end of a DVD review! :blush:). Turns out they meant local BBC region :blush: :D

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