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    The following text was emailed to Arcam support after a minor incident accessing a dvd's menu, nothing major but something I feel that would be ueseful to let Arcam know at least happened, and copied here for your info to since this forum helps so many people indirectly. Copied also to the chap who maintains the unofficail dv88 page too.

    ...Today while watching the Region One DVD of Coyote Ugly (machine set to Multiregion, 1.74 and LO 13) the player appeared to crash in the menu system of the DVD while trying to Change language options. Stage of Fault:

    1. Watching the Movie with French Audio.
    2. Half way through Access menu to switch to English. Return to Movie.
    3. Five minutes later try to return to french by accessing menu. No option highlighted !! press menu and it returned to the film, press menu again to go back to the menu system, options available but when selecting the audio setup the menu appeared to freeze with no cursor action. Had to switch of and on to restore movie.

    Just a note to report this incident. If it happens again I'll let you Know.

    Gary Steel

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