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Minolta F100 or Sony DSC-P9???

Discussion in 'Photography Forums' started by PDR, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. PDR


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    I've been overloaded with information about digital cameras and have almost reached the point of madness. After weeks of trawling around shops and websites I've narrowed my choice of camera to one of the above, but which one should I buy?

    I've owned a number of minolta cameras over the years and always found them excellent in terms of build and picture quality. The F100 seems to do all that I need and seems to be more flexible than many of the simple compact cameras. But all I seem to hear about is how poor the battery life is - how much of a problem is this and is this camera any worse and the rest? More of a concern is the lack of an AF illumination bulb, I want to be able to snap away to my hearts content - occasionally this might be in a nightclub (always a really good test of a camera) with quite dark conditions. Will this camera still be able to focus or should I be looking elsewhere.

    This brings me to the Sony, reviews seem to vary but generally they are pretty decent all round. It has the AF bulb but doesn't seem to be as manual as the minolta, am I going to outgrow the camera as my digital skills improve and end up buying again within a year?

    Anyone out there had experience of using either camera, and how did they fare - both generally and in difficult lighting conditions?
  2. Matt F

    Matt F
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    Jul 18, 2000
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    Chester, UK
    Check www.dpreview.com for in depth reviews of both. There doesn't seem to be much between them - the Minolta wins on features whereas the Sony edges it just on image quality.

    Regarding battery life, I think you are right to be concerned about this. According to dpreview's standard test they found the following:

    1. F100 - lasted 1 hr 42 mins, giving 175 shots.
    2. P9 - lasted 1 hr 59 mins, giving 200 shots.

    This isn't bad but the smaller cameras are always going to struggle up against the larger ones that use bigger batteries. For example:

    1. Canon G2 - lasted 3 hrs 32 mins, giving 355 shots
    2. Sony S85 - lasted 3 hrs 50 mins, giving 400 shots!

    If you can afford an extra £50 then maybe something like the (£399) Sony S85 would be a better bet - as long as you don't mind the size of the camera that is. The Canon G2 is also a lovely camera and has recently come down from £500 plus to around £430 ish.

    Hope this helps.


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