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Minolta A200 - batteries

Discussion in 'Photography Forums' started by bacs, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. bacs


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    I now have 3 rechargeable batteries for my new A200.

    1. the instructions indicate that I should not store them fully charged but for long term storage they should be recharged for 5 minutes every 6 months. This seems to be contradictory. How do I know how much or little to recharge them and especially if I occasionally use them during the 6 monthly period? Do they recommend storage charged or not charged or something inbetween?

    2. I propose to label the batteries A,B and C so that I may rotate them and easily identify which goes bad first. This would mean going out with one loaded and one spare battery each time and then: on return home to move the loaded battery to storage at home, move the spare to the camera, and the one stored at home recharge and then move to the camera bag as spare. In this way the spare battery moved to the camera may not be absolutely fully charged since it might have been sitting in the camera bag for some length of time. Any better suggestions?

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