Minimum Specifications for a PC for Photography?


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I've just had a look at prices and I realize that I've lost touch with the cost of computers! My PC at the moments is giving me grief. It's giving sound distortion on video and the occasional BSOD with an error "system thread exception not handled. lvrs64sys" During Zoom meetings I keep getting a warning about low resources. I realize that my CPU is looking rather old now as well! The PC runs slowely at times.

So I need to upgrade some of its components or buy a new PC. I do a lot of photography so I need a system that will allow me to edit and store pictures, readily. It needs a decent monitor to pick up detail. I need to sneak in at a minimum level if I can to keep costs down. I would be interested to hear peoples' thoughts on minimum specifications.

Currently, I have:

Windows 10 Home 64bit;
Intel Core [email protected] 2.9Ghz
16Gb RAM.
930Gb HDD with 800Gb used and 120 free.
1Tb SSD external storage
A 19" bog-standard Dell screen.

I use:

Adobe Creative Cloud:
Topaz plug-ins.

I have about 5Gb of pictures stored at present.

I also use the usual apps such as Microsoft Office and Outlook, Chrome etc. I have Acronis True Image as backup software and Zone Alarm as my firewall/anti-virus, both of which are quite hungry on CPU usage. The overall CPU usage seems to vary between 35% and 65%.

What I've done:
Run the power troubleshooter to solve a freeze problem.
Run the sound troubleshooter.
Checked for Windows updates.
Uninstalled unwanted apps.
Downloaded the latest graphics card drivers.
Run CCleaner.
Run Malwarebytes.
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The boom in working from home and cryptocurrency exchange rates have driven a lot of component prices pretty high at the moment.

lvrs64.sys appears to be a logitech camera driver, so if you're always getting the same error it may well be a specific bug in the software for one of your peripherals rather than some core piece of hardware that's become faulty.

Unless you've recently taken up or gotten serious about photography I'd guess with only 5GB of photos you're not dealing with very large and demanding images.

Are you using power hungry processing/filters? If not then you may not need a great deal of power.


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Thanks for the reply. Pleased that I put the error message in and that you were able to identify my Logitech driver. That's great! I'll check out the drivers or replace the camera/mike hardware as a starter.

No, I'm not using any filters that need a lot of power so I may be able to continue without any new investment? I had a suggestion on another of my threads to buy a 1Tb internal SSD and boot from that. I guess that would be a good idea to create more file storage capacity as my picture numbers (or filter requirements) grow?
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Following up on things, I have downloaded the drivers for my Logitech C270 webcam again and, unfortunately, it has not cured the sound distortion issue. I'm not sure where to go with this now!

Any audio such as Zoom or YouTube is affected.

Any thoughts would be welcome.


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No, I'm not using any filters that need a lot of power so I may be able to continue without any new investment?

If you're happy with the performance on your current machine then there's certainly nothing in the specs you've given that'd suggest a pressing need to upgrade so I'd keep on with the troubleshooting first.

Any audio such as Zoom or YouTube is affected.

So it just audio accompanying video? If you play a normal audio file does that have the same issue?

Have you ever installed a Codec pack? They can often cause issues like this.

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