minimum seating distance from rp Sony?


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Feb 17, 2004
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Bishop Auckland
Hi, can anyone tell me please if there is a minimum distance to sit away from the average rp set..... I am thinking of a Sony 44 inch but I can only sit approx 6ft away.....
Will this be too close?
When I lived at home I had my 41inch Sony RP in my bedroom.

I was sat about 8 - 9 feet away and I would say that was probably about the closest I would like to get.

Maybe ok down to about 7 foot.

Take a tape measure to your local tv store and stand 6 foot from an RP and see what you think.

All the best.....
cheers for that.... I have seen this model close up and thought it wasn't too bad.
I have used the tape measure and estimate approx 76 inches away. No doubt I should take tape measure to store before making final decision.
Hi matey

I have the Sony PX2 (44 inch) I sit about 9-10 foot away. I think 6 foot is a bit too close for my liking. i think the 8 foot mark is about as close as I can get. Everyones different though.

good luck

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