Minimalist corn field - (long & short exposure)


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Having possibly lost the last 3 months worth of photo's (except for a small number of my very best) due to a HDD failure (No excuse that I hadn't backed up recently just annoying as I was going to do it this week :( ) I needed to go out and just wander through some fields to try and unwind.

Took my camera of course and had a bit of playing with DOF and shutter speed's on a corn field. Although I never meant it to at the time, its kind of worked out as a bit of an example of what effects different setting has to an image. I used MF and it is set at the same position throughout. A polarizer was also used throughout.

#1 - Here will have a shallow DOF as the lens was set wide open at F2.8

50mm | F2.8 | 1/500s

#2 - Set the aperture to F16 to make sure the whole scene is in focus. Exosure time adjusted to give correct exposure.

50mm | F16 | 1/15s

#3 - This time I added my 10stop ND filter to increase the exposure length to capture the movement of the swaying corn

50mm | F16 + ND1000 | 69s


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Nice set ally, :smashin: as always. Sorry to hear of the loss of photo's always a Bi**H when that happens Bud!

I have 3 back-up drives for that very reason.......good luck with any recovery though.



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Great set Ally as I've come to expect of you. :smashin:

Bad luck on your HDD failure... it's typical that these things always happen just as you are about to organise a back-up solution. :suicide: I'm sure you'll get your back-up situation sorted pretty quickly now!

I have an external HDD. My PC automatically backs up any c-drive changes every 4 hours and also saves a complete image of the c-drive once a week. It's just a shame that all those pics that I've safely backed-up aren't as good as yours. :D


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Good examples of how aperture settings affect the depth of focus in an image. Nice pics too. I think the first one is more attractive artistically, and the 2nd is more commercial-looking and could be used on a combine harvester brochure.

Bad luck on the HDD failure. Wise words after the event etc but I have 2 HDDs in my PC and back one up to the other and vice versa.


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Hi Ally,

Sorry to hear about your HDD failure.

When I opened this thread the first image really struck me. The composition is great (Foreground interst, horizon positon and lines in the corn). I find the DOF really pleasing too. Very nice.

I saw the second pic and although it's nice I think the DOF of the first means that I find that one more interesting to look at - similar to Tobers' thoughts I guess. The blue of the sky in the second one is much deeper though which is really nice.

The third one I have mixed thoughts about. The movement in the foreground is a little more than I would have liked (A subjective opinion) but I really like the motion of the clouds! I can't have it both ways I guess.

So, I reckon out of all the settings you used, my preference is the first one and I'd bump the blues of the sky up a bit in PP.

Thanks for sharing.



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Helps me to understand aperture which I have been tinkering with. Took a portrait pic yesterday and it turned out alright - the background was out of focus.
Thanks for posting. Great pics as always. :)


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Nice shots Ally - I like the first. I'm assuming you used your ND filter to allow you to open up like that?

Sorry to hear about the drive death. Still, look on the bright side - It means you'll have to go out and make all those photographs again. :)


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I like the first. I'm assuming you used your ND filter to allow you to open up like that?

Nah it wasn't needed as it was a pretty dull day tbh. The side of the sky where the sun was was pretty thick with cloud. Plus as I'm using a Canon we have ISO 100 unlike you Nikon users with your ISO 200 :devil:

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