MiniDV tape to Mac?


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I have an old MiniDV tape with 60 minutes of footage I want to capture on my Mac. I don't have a camcorder. Someone is selling a Panasonic MiniDV recorder for £30 near me on Facebook: Log in or sign up to view It's a Panasonic NV-GS150 . I note it has USB 2 and he has the USB cable. If I were to buy this do you think I could capture the tape playing out on my Mac? I guess it could be just a matter of hitting play and using appropriate software to capture it. Thanks.


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The camcorder will have a Firewire socket, which you will be able to adapt to Thunderbolt quite easily. This should make it very easy to import the video using a basic video editing and capture program.

USB will only import stills photos from this camera.


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Thanks. I see there is a YT video showing how. I'll need at least two cables and one mini firewire 4 pin to full size Firewire.


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If you're considering buying a £30 camera, plus a £30 TB2 to TB3 adaptor, plus a £30 FireWire 800 to TB2 adaptor, plus a £6 4-pin to 9-pin cable, for just a 1 hour ingest, then you'd be much better off just paying someone to do it for you.

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