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A few years ago Sony did a 16 and 18" Widescreen TV. They stopped making it due to a lack of demand a couple of years ago.

Does anyone know of there is a similar type WS portable so that I can enjoy my films properly when I'm in bed.

The G/F has already said NO to a 5.1 Sound system and a 28" widescreen in the bedroom but is willing to let me get a smaller one. The smallest widescreen I can find at the moment is 25" (still apprently too big) and I dont have loads to spend so it rules out LCD screens.

If there is enough interest maybe Sony could dig out the plans again and start up production. There must be a demand now.


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i have the 24ls35 in the bedroom on an argos avf bracket, size 670x450 approx.
bit pricey though, but its a completely flat screen.
v.happy with it.
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