Mini USB Cable for iPhone to car


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I've just bought a car that has both a mini USB socket and a mini jack aux socket on the radio. I have an iPhone so was wondering if I can plug the iPhone direct in to the mini usb and get it charged as well as playing music through the radio from the iPhone. If yes, anyone know where I can get a mini USB to iPhone cable?



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Id probably go down the route of using a normal iphone usb charger cable and searching for an adapter to take you to the smaller size.

Be warned though of the output voltage of the usb (and if it will even read from the iphone) as ive got to use a seperate 12v- 5v adapter on my iphone cable that charges mine in my car. (Ive got mine plugged into the cd autochanger socket on the back of my headunit though so a bit different to this)

You would probably be safer using the 3.5 mm jack or check the owners manual to see how that usb socket works

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