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Compared to the PX7 though, the DALI iO6 are miles ahead in terms of sound quality.

Noise cancellation isn't as isolating and that's due to the negative effects it has on the sound when tuning the headphones.
It's more than I'll ever need personally, with my main priority being sound reproduction.

In comparison to the DALI, the PX7s rely too heavily on DSP. To me it sounds like the company is using it to cover up the fact that not much attention and effort was put towards them.
The PX7 are very unbalanced and at high volume a limiter kicks in, creating this loudness effect which isn't very pleasant.
In return iO6 sound balanced and behaved at any volume level. They never sound stiff and that's because the DALIs main priority was the driver and its tuning and later use DSP to tweak a few things here and there.

Let's just say that the proof is in the pudding and that can be proven by just playing jazz, vocals or acoustic music side by side.

And in regards to a "control app", DALI doesn't have one. The PX7 does, but there's nothing the app does that you can't already do on the headphones themselves, except "software updates and some backgroud effects such as waterfall, rain etc" regards to software updates...erm..let's be honest..THEY ARE HEADPHONES...I can understand a phone, computer, tablet etc... But a pair of headphones?

My other question much money out of budget set for this "project" did B&W spend? Couldn't they use that to make sure the sound quality lives up to their name and reputation? But hey..why bother when you can rely entirely on DSP.

This is just my way of thinking... Don't know about you.

PS: I'm not hating and I'm not saying the PX7 are bad headphones..but from my point of view and based on my expectations, they're simply not up to par.
This is partially to do with society standards that are enforced by heavy advertisement of a product to the point where if others don't have it, they're simply crap, entirely forgetting the purpose of the product. For example...we buy headphones to listen to music, not to update them to the latest software version..

the apps won't give you something we can't already do.

Equaliser? There are plenty out there.
Setting up 360⁰ Audio? C'mon people, I used to play around with that back in the day when I used WinAmp on my Windows PC. It's nothing but a "room effect" which you're gonna use once or twice.

These things are a few of the many people see on a popular item (WH1000XM3) and becomes an industry standard ..and some companies deliver what's popular, even if it means sub par audio quality.
They spend a lot of money adding these "gimmicks" which they call features, and spend less where it should matter most. It's just bragging rights for the company and psychological satisfaction for the consumer. Although I could do this in other doesn't matter if sound quality is sh*t, I have an app to help me teak the horrible sound. facepalm

It's sad and disappointing... 🙄
Respect to the few companies that try their best whilst maintaining a balance or prefer not to adopt certain things.


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