Mini R56 JCW - Hesitation between 4 and 5k?


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So this situation has been ongoing since late 2019 - the backstory is that in October 2019, during a journey my car died completely - cue being towed to a Mini specialist called Lohen, where after 2 months it was diagn.osed with a damaged ECU (seemingly tamped with by a previous owner and the first time they had seen anything like it)

This was promptly sent off to be repaired - whilst the car was there I decided to have it remapped to 'Stage 1', where it pulled healthy BHP and torque figures - everything appeared to be fine so happy days.

On return home, a few days later, I noticed an odd issue between apron 3800k and 4500k RPM - when changing gear between these revs, once the clutch was released there is a hesitation / judder, and the revs would drop to below the 3800k - 4000k(ish) at which point power would return and everything is ok.

Now this does not happy below these revs or above, it pulls healthily to the redline.

The car was returned to the specialist in question as it was having some coilers / top mounts fitted - they offered to take the car out and see if they could 'feel' the issue - their response was that it was down to my 'gear changes' and that was that.

Cue 18 months later, i've not really had chance to think about nor resolve this issue with a house move / renovation / job change and multiple ongoing health issues - however i'm revisiting it now as I want to enjoy driving again and this issue has sapped that enjoyment away. So i'm at a cross roads of how to proceed with it.

The issue itself has not gotten any worse (or better) - in the time since noticing it in late 2019, it's had regular general services (oil / filters), along with spark plus and new coil packs last year to see if that could resolve it.

Has anyone got any thoughts on how best to proceed? Any advice would be much appreciated. The car drives fine in all other aspects.

My thoughts were maybe a walnut blasting deck (it's a DI engine, thought the N18 lump isn't prone to this unlike the previous N14) - or even injectors?

Thankyou for reading if you've gotten this far! 🙏🏻


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Could be fitted with a clutch delay valve.


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No one seems to know on the various forums if the R56 has been fitted with a CDV or not - it's an educated guess that as it's a BMW it 'may' have one.


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there is no CDV on the mini..
Thank you.

Looks like i'm between a rock and a hard place now - take it back to the original garage who, despite being one of the bigger 'specialists' denied issues with some enthusiasts telling me how they'd avoid them - or take it to and leave it with another specialist for investigation which will likely lead to another very large final bill.....


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Try Munich Power in Sussex.

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