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My windows 10 mini pc has 2 hdmi out, one is connected to pj, the other to Sonos Beam. The pc does not register any connected sound device as apparently the Beam requires HDMI Arc to function. I've tried using a splitter taking the spdif signal to the beam, but pc still won't detect.

Anyone know if there is a way around this? I'm wondering if there's a way to add Arc to the HDMI out signal so that the Beam and the PC recognise each other. Or would adding an external USB soundcard and connect to Beam using the optical out work?
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Edit: Update 29/8/2019 Its working! Tried it last night using one HDMI out to the PJ and the other to the splitter (I already had) then SPDIF from there to Sonos Beam. This time the PC recognised the splitter and passed audio ok to the Beam. Only seems to be in Stereo, but better than nothing.
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Does your PJ have an HDMI out? You might be able to take the audio from that.


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No it doesn't, but as this is a handshake problem between PC and Sonos, so I'm doubting whether that would work, thanks for suggesting.


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Pulse Eight CEC adapter ?, it's meant for use with Kodi, it says it works with Windows but not sure if it will trigger the necessary ARC/CEC commands that Beam requires.

HD Fury sell a lot of specialist HDMI devices, perhaps one of their products can force an ARC signal output, I would ask in their support avs forum thread or via email.

I'd say optical spdif is the way to go, it works as confirmed by sonos beam computer users.
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