Mini-ITX mobo in Micro-ATX case


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I'm looking to use an existing HTPC case to rebuild my HTPC, now that I've taken the old mobo, RAM, CPU and graphics card out. This was partly to re-build/ upgrade my study PC which died on me, and partly because the stuff I've removed got very very hot in this HTPC case, and so I'm looking for a cooler option.
I realise I could go for a Revo, but I'd need an external drive or two to hold all the TV shows and music, plus I already have a nice looking, albeit bigger, HTPC case.

I won't be using the HTPC for recording TV anymore: only music (from HDD) and movie playback (from HDD and/or DVD-ROM), and web surfing, so on-board graphics and dual-core Atom should be enough grunt with less heat.

I'm probably going to go for the Zotac ION ITX F mobo, because it's the only Atom-based mobo I can find with enough functionality to match what I currently need, and plan soon: dual-core CPU; SATA x 3; on-board USB x 4; SPDIF co-axial output; HDMI (future-proofing) and VGA output. I have already established that a mini-ITX mobo will physically fit in an ATX case, but are there any other things that I need to be aware of? e.g. can I still use the standard PSU?

Any advice appreciated.



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Looking at the spec sheet for the IONITX-F-E, it lists a 20 pin power connector, so you are ok with your current psu. ;)

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