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Hello everyone, :)

I am currently attempting a Mini ITX build, which is new territory for me, and I could really do with some advice as to what CPU coolers I should be looking at.

The case I am building in is a Bitfenix Prodigy. The motherboard being used is a Gigabyte Z77N Wifi and the processor is a Core i5 3570k, which will be overclocked to 4Ghz.

I'd much prefer an air cooler as opposed to a water cooler because I just wouldn't feel safe with the latter. Knowing my luck if I was to use a water cooler it would probably leak and destroy everything. :p

I'd really appreciate any help with this anyone could offer.

Thanks. :)


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I had a look at that Amazon link you sent and the cooler they used in their system would probably do the trick. Here is a chepish one on eBay. [ame=]Scythe Kozuti Low Profile AMD Intel CPU Cooler Heatsink Fan SCKZT-1000 on eBay![/ame]

In my system I am going with a water cooled system but am using a kit do no assemly.

I would have a look on Aria at their coolers as they can be really helpful when it comes to selecting the right components for your build.

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Many thanks for replying, aways987. :)

Strange thing. I never inserted that link to Amazon in my original post. Not sure how it got there? Perhaps the forums insert these things automatically when you specifically name different components or something?

I'm not complaining right enough, thanks to you pointing out the link and mentioning the Scythe Kozuti it gives me something to go on. :smashin: By the way thanks for the eBay link, but I prefer to purchase all of my components brand new and with a nice shiny new warranty. :D

I did have a look on Aria though as you suggested and although they seem to have slim pickings when it comes to Mini ITX coolers (like pretty much every other component website), I have to say I do like the look of the Thermalright AXP-100. Mind you, it is a bit on the pricey side.

My next step is to read some reviews for both of the coolers mentioned above and a few others I've found too. Hope I can decide on one soon.

Say, that's a brave decision opting for the Corsair water cooler. I have read that they do a great job, but can be a tad noisy. I hope it works out for you. :) I'm just too wary of water to experiment with it on my builds. :p

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I'm still mulling whether to go with the H90 water cooling system.
Are you wary of water yourself? Or is it the cost? They are pricey the water based kits.

I've got a while before I order my parts so I may always change my mind.
Have you got some parts nailed down already? Or are you perhaps waiting to see what Haswell has to offer?

Ah, another one I didn't know about. Thanks. :thumbsup:

Good luck with your build. :)
Many thanks. The same to you. :smashin:

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