Mini HDMI to HDMI?


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Can anyone tell me if a mini HDMI cable has all the same pins as a normal HDMI cable with audio?
Im asking because im thinking of getting a graphics card for my pc that has a mini HDMI connection so was hoping i could just get an adaptor or mini HDMI to HDMI cable then run it staight to my amp for picture & sound, thanks....:smashin:

Also anyone know what a mini display port is used for?
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Joe Fernand

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There are no ‘audio’ pins within the HDMI signal bus – audio (when present) is encoded into the video signal and decoded by the Sink (Display, AVR etc.).

Don’t assume your HDMI equipped graphics card outputs sound via HDMI – some don’t and others require some form of internal jumper between a compatible sound card and the graphics card.

Ensure you understand the capabilities of the graphic card before you purchase – Do you need 7.1, 5.1 or just 2.0 audio over HDMI? may be an important question if you are feeding the PC into a suitable AVR (AV Receiver).

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