mini-DV vs DVD-RAM



If you intend to put the video onto DVD, would a camera like the JVC DZMV270 which writes to DVD-RAM be a better solution, in terms of image quality than a mini-DV camera?

The mini-DV camera has to capture the image, drop down the data rate by 5:1 (216Mb/s -> 43Mb/s) and record it to mini-DV tape. You then read it back again at 216Mb/s via the firewire cable into the PC. There you edit it and convert it to 9Mb/s for DVD writing. There are therefore two lots of compression, once on the camera and once on the PC. The DVD-RAM solution has only one compression cycle, ie 216Mb/s->9Mb/s DVD.

Kind Regards,
Shane Cook.

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