Mini DV or DVD - which should I choose?



I'm still trying to decide on my new camcorder and can't quite make up my mind about the format. I don't want something that will be obsolete in a few months, but I do want ease of operation and editing with reasonable quality - any suggestions?

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It's a question popping up many times here...Best to do a search or just select one or two pages away from this page....

There's many pro and cons with most formats, personally I think the main difference at the moment is whether or not you 'shooting' style will allow you to work with 20 minute recording media....If you are the type that likes to keep the Camera on and on and on and afterwards see whether you have shot something nice and cut out all the rubbish...Then I would recommend miniDV....Otherwise I would seriously consider the mini-DVD format...The quality can be very good when you pick a top model like the current Sony 405 or last years models like the 403/803 from Sony.......

Another factor may be regarding what editing software you already have and are used too....The editing argument against mini-DVD is no longer there as there are top notch applications for editing DVD's which do not cause a 'generation' quality loss as many in the mini-DV camp would like you to believe....Last year, yes that was a problem but no any more.....

Personally I love mini-DVD, the convenience is just fantastic....

Oh and if you were considering HD at all, then forget mini-DVD as that is not yet possible....


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alpine101 said:
Wait a couple of months, get rid of all those nasty old mechanics, and get an SD card based device.:)

...........or a few years to get them in HI DEF when the Sanyo Xacti™ Hd1a has been replaced.

To me it does look U**Y! ? form over function: not sure but others love its looks if not PQ
If PQ is important and you must have solid state media ....wait till 2 generations on. If you cannot, there is always SD and HD miniDV, DVD or HDD camcorders:

Talking of mechanics, the humble DVD player still uses them and even in HDD based recording systems the HDD has to spin, Hd dvd and blu ray players will have them there is no getting away from "nasty old mechanics"

Most SD devices will get you fantastic mpeg4 videos ( like from my mobile phone)

I.... dont like:thumbsdow but then Im only an old fuddy duddy:)
PS: I love gadgets like anyone else but Im unconvinced of the Sanyo SD camcorders place in the current hall of fame

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