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    I am interested in purchasing a Mini DV camcorder in the next week, and have mainly focused my attention on the Sony DCR-PC110 and the Canon MVX1i. Each has a couple of unique and attractive features over the other, i.e. Sony has 0 lux and nightshot, but Canon has Optical Image Stabilizer and Progressive Photo System which has nearly persuaded me to choose the Canon. Before I make a final decision, and although the reviews are mostly very good, I would like to know if any of you have had positive or negative experiences with this Canon cam.

    I am also considering purchasing this product in Germany (over the net - or for Sony). The prices are so much cheaper in Germany (an the UK) than in Ireland. For example, I can get the Canon for over 400 GBP (or about 650 Euro) cheaper in Germany than in Ireland!! With the exception of so-called Grey Imports and making sure that Warranty and Shipping Insurances and charges all apply, are there any other possible pit-falls that I should be aware of?

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