Mini Displayport-DVI problem (HELP!)


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Hey guys.

So, I got a cheap MiniDisplayport to DVI adapter off ebay and a DVI-D cable to connect to my 24" full HD Benq monitor (My MBP is a Mid 2009 with 9400M gfx).

When connected, I get lots of red and green dots all over the image, as well as red horizontal lines jumping all over the place.

On closer inspection, the mini-dp adapter that I bought has this pin arrangement:


I had a look at the official Apple one (on their site), and it has only the single horizontal slot, like this:

http://www.creativevideo.co.uk/images/products/altimage/20 10 20101287572194minidisplay to DVI - angle.jpeg

So, are my problems because the adapter is the wrong kind? Like I said, I got an image and it is detected, but the image is all messed up.

I did some googling and a lot of people were having this problem even with the "official" adapter....

Thanks for any help:thumbsup:


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Problem solved - was a faulty DVI cable (the cheap mini diaplayport adapter works fine):thumbsup::thumbsup:
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