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Hi guys
This will be a hard one as I’m sure or at least hope not many are in a similar leaky boat to mine having to persevere with my daughters old MacBook Pro early 2011 OS High Sierra ( until a possible post COVID job recovery).
I was using the MBP to playback video via a home theatre system and it was working great for six months then the picture n sound would cut out So I connected direct to the tv and all good again, apart from loosing the hometheatre sound system, for about a week and now I’m only getting a picture and sound from the MacBook which is really so tinny.
So that’s the scenario. Admittedly it’s an el cheapo cable but do they die a slow death like that? I thought it would be more work or don’t work.
Then the other guess would be that a 2011 Mac just doesn’t cut it anymore. Two keys P and Zero aren’t functioning correctly ( and I have pulled them apart to clean etc.
I’m sorry to bother you guys but I’m just trying not to waste money on a new cable if that isnt be the problem however I will credit card a Mac Mini if the consensus is that my MBP is just too old to function correctly with an ATV 4K.
Thanks all
Be well
Update. I tried the mdp to hdmi cable again after brushing out the dock on the receiver in case it was dust, no change but I saw that there’s an input signal strength indicator on the Denon 800h receivers front panel which fluctuated around 50% but I cannot figure out if it’s the cable or the mdp that’s malfunctioning. I did a hardware test which showed Passed.
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