Mini disk or mp3??


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that's what i'm wondering. which would you advise?
which ever i eventually buy, i'm prepared to pay about £200, so which are best.?
i'm aware of the obvious things, like most people use cds> md, and for mp3, its from music from the net, but is there anythin that i might not know- has any of you bought one+ found them good/ bad?
also comparing mp3 w/ net md's (sony) they do a similar job, right?
which are best?
any input'll be greatly apreaciated!


I've got both and now use the MP3 player exclusively because it has better sound quality and is easier for me to manage using a computer. The biggest plus was buying an MP3 player fitted with a hard disk, I recorded 65 of my favourite CD's onto the internal 20gb disk which left me with 9mb free which should keep me happy for the foreseeable future.

If you can stretch your budget the Windows version of the Apple Ipod is fantastic. A friend bought one a couple of weeks ago and after listening to it I'm giving some serious thought to selling mine and getting one. More details here it's available at a good price from here




I too went for MP3 in the car.

I've got a 10gb hard disk with (currently) 2289 tracks on it (ie my entire CD collection)

Quality is quite good. You can also get an a bay that plugs into you hi-fi, so you could leave it on random at parties and never have to change a disc again


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Used both and would go for MP3 as much more convenient at the organising and recording of tracks plus I found that the MD player was a little lacking in power/loudness but just as good at none skip of music. :cool:


Originally posted by Eee-Tee
just to clarify, we're all talking about personal mp3's/md's, yes??


Have your seen the Sony MZ-R55 portable MiniDisc recorder/player for sale in the classified's section for £90?


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I like the conveniance, robustness, and usability of MD


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For portable audio you can't beat MD. I had a portable CD player that would play MP3 files on CD-R(W) (RioVolt) and it was excellent but it was bulky and the skip protection wasn't that good. When it got stolen I replaced it with a Sony MZ N707 MD player/recorder and haven't regretted it once.

The N707 is one of the more recent 'Net' MD machines which just means you can hook them up to a PC via a USB cable and transfer music files very rapidly to MD. Whenever I get a new CD I rip it straight to an MD disc using the supplied "Open MG Jukebox" software that came with the player. At the highest quality setting you can only get one CD to an MD but using LP2 mode (Sony's ATRAC3 compression) you can get 2 CDs to an MD.

The bitrate of ATRAC3 LP2 is 132kbps which is equivalent to high quality MP3 and IMO is indistinguishable from CD quality on a portable player. In fact, it sounds miles better than any MP3 device I've ever heard.

Using the OpenMG software you can also covert MP3 files into ATRAC3 files and record them to MD.

The beauty of MD players is that they're so small and the 'storage' (MD discs) is very cheap. To get the same portability and flexibility with MP3 you'd need a solid state MP3 player and loads of expensive storage (Memory Sticks, CF cards etc).

The only MP3 device that comes close is the considerably more expensive Apple iPod. However the battery life (10hrs of LiPo rechargeable) sucks compared to MD players (50+ hours on a single AA Alkaline) and you can't make digital audio recordings on an iPod using a microphone (which you can with most MD portables).

Here's the AV Land page for the MD portable that I have:



As well as being perfect for portable use I find minidisk very good for home listening and recording too.
I have 2 MD decks hooked up to my amp, and while the sound of ATRAC of course isn't quite up to the standards of high end CD players, it's more than adequate for general listening.
Editing the on decks is a doddle, and the whole convenience factor of the format means I won't be looking for anything else for a long while yet.

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