Mini Cooper S Electric


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That’s about right but it’s VERY variable by car. My 500 has just happily (and in control) gone down several 10%+ inclines at slow speeds without touching the brakes once. On mine there’s 3 modes. Normal is ICE normal. Range is one pedal and what I use all the time and has slightly less oomph. Sherpa is for charge level emergencies and limits to 50 with reduced acceleration, no climate or stereo and guides you to nearest charger.
Yeah I find throttle control pretty much is all I use and leave regen on default which is strongest.

There are 4 ev modes, sport, normal, green and green +

Not sure if regen varies in these modes, if they do it must be well matched to acceleration that does vary. Green plus is most relaxed and is the mode that Removes the aircon :) but everything else works :)

Regen independently can be set by a toggle on dash between the default or low ..


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