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I’m likely to be ordering a new Mini JCW convertible in the near future and am considering specking the Harman Kardon stereo upgrade. Have any of you had this in a Mini (ideally a convertible), if yes, what are your thoughts on it?

Years ago I had a few Mazda company cars with the Bose upgrade and it sounded great in the Mazda 6 but hardly better than the standard offering in the MX-5.



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Good luck getting the HK. Due to a chip shortage nobody is getting it.


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It was removed as an option a while ago on the configurator but it’s back on there now so might not be so much of an issue.

It would be a nice to have so if it’s not available that’s an easy decision made for me!


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Anything is better than base audio. It is awful. Of course base in a Mini might be different to the 3-series, but i doubt it.


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Standard radio in our Clubman JCW isn't that bad, never tried the HK audio though but I'm sure it will be better, just depends how much importance you put on it for the price.
Best thing to do is go try it out yourself.


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I had the HK, it was ok. The base audio in my Peugeot 2008 is as good if not better than it. But I've no experience of the base audio in the Mini.

What I would say about the HK is that it only becomes really good at about 85% volume.

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