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I am absolutely amazed at the vehemence at which certain members defend their consoles and rubbish others (me included :blush: ).
I've only ever seen this degree of (?anger) when discussing topics like :
a: Religion
b: Family
c: Politics

As a result, I've decided to buy a new console that can stand the "spanish enquisition" of scrutinies (see, religion again), and avoid being flamed by members who take offence that I don't own their console.

As a result, i am looking for a console with:
1) 1000 gigaploppy bits processing power
2) Krell supercomputer graphics
3) A.I belittling that of a T2000
4) ability to make a decent cup of tea during the longer gaming sessions
5) ability to do the housework
6) Ferry other family members to and from work/school
7) manufacture believable excuses to boss/partner/mates as to why I can't "get out more" or go to work.
8) be great in bed ;)

Any input would be appreciated.

PS, my next post will be an equally enlightening one entitled "how much packaging did your console come in?" :devil: Yes, you know who you are...


I've got a NES that fits your bill which I'll let go for £2 Billion.

Failing that, a poster of the Terminatrix is about as close as you'll get...

Ed Selley

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Originally posted by Gaffer74
2) Krell supercomputer graphics

Great manufacturer that they are, I'm pretty sure that Krell have stuck with AV Electronics.

Cray perhaps?


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stangly enough I've got an htpc that does all that

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Harrisuk: What is there to argue about. You already have the best console. XBOX.

I knew someone would bite (couldn't resist could ya?):cool:

Well it's taken the XBOXers only 4 posts to jump folks. :eek:

Any bets on when the PS2ers or the NGCers will pipe up with their "mine's bigger than yours" speeches? :rotfl:

(still patiently waiting for the ZX81ers though - I think they're 4000:1 outsiders)
Why oh why do these threads always end up in a slanging match? Surely it's down to personal opinion even if everyone knows that the Xbox is the best console, the PS2 is outdated and expensive and the GC is for kids?

Can't we all live in peace?

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:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: I think that's my point made (whole point of original thread in fact)


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All consoles are for kids, I am gonna go play on my PC :p

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actually come to think of it, i wouldn't mind owning a zx-81 again.

Saw one on E-bay (in original factory packaging) for £65.

Haven't yet seen terminatrix :kisses: on E-bay though, but when it IS......


Originally posted by Gaffer74
Haven't yet seen terminatrix :kisses: on E-bay though, but when it IS......

..... I'll be outbidding you :D.


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Originally posted by Stereo Steve
Why oh why do these threads always end up in a slanging match? Surely it's down to personal opinion even if everyone knows that the Xbox is the best console, the PS2 is outdated and expensive and the GC is for kids?

Can't we all live in peace?

THEY DO NOT lol me and betamac have had quite a civil conversation on the "is this nintys new machine" thread :)


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LOL great thread!! Found it very amusing indeed Gaffer74.

You almost get the feeling that some people on this forum sweated buckets actually designing and manufacturing their console!

I personally just bought mine from the shop. It's a PS2, which I am told is crap but it looks ok compared to my Speccy and I don't have to load games by tape any more which is a bonus!

To think of the hell we used to have to go through to play a game!

STEP1 - Put cassette in tape player and press LOAD ""
STEP2 - Realise that computer hasn't picked up tape signal so adjust volume and tone, rewind tape and try again.
STEP3 - Still doesn't work so get out small screwdriver and adjust tape head until it sounds clearer!
STEP4 - Almost got it but the loading screen didn't come up so try with a little less volume to reduce interference.
STEP5 - Bingo!! Now just need to wait 20 mins for it to load.

19 mins 45 secs later

STEP6 - Your mate knocks the desk causing the tape to jump slightly and the game fails to load!!
STEP7 - You try again and after 1 hour 2 mins of trying the new game loads!!!
STEP8 - After completing level 1 the game asks you to press play, you do this only for the level to fail to load, the screen flashes black and you are greeted by the "SINCLAIR 1982 (C)" screen!!!
STEP9 - Rewind tape and try again!
Another 2 hours pass of failed attempts!
STEP10 - Finally get to last level!! Press play on tape and it fails to load due to a crease in the tape!!
STEP11 - Get out Yellow pages to ring a glazier to repair bedroom window after your Speccy went through it at some velocity!!

We should all just think how lucky we are these days :)



Perhaps you could state what types of games you prefer, then you might get a decent recommendation.

To start you off :

RPG's : PS2
Racing/Shooting : XBox
Bizarre/gameplay oriented : GC

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Definitely Gthom3. That STEP3 was my old bugbear with the Commodore 64. Especially when you had to wait 30-60min for apache gunship to load (what a GREAT game that was).

Probably even worse was rewinding a few years and painfully watching my bro type out a 6 page program by hand for his sinclair QL (don't laugh:D ) only to have to go back and comb over it again and again until you found the extra space that shouldn't have been. When it finally got going, it was dinner time and had to be switched off......:devil:

P.S CrispyXuk - Very very embarrasing q but what is a HTPC (now where did my dunce hat go...?)


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ah yes i remember the days of writing your own games in Basic...100's of lines of code only for it to come up with an error as soon as you run it lol. I remember me and a made created from scratch a cool Afterburner type game in basic, with planes made from loads of character blocks. Ok it jerked along and had no colision detection but you could move your plane about and fire its guns lol.

Ah the golden age of gaming...thinking back it's all a bit dull now...run by big business who's sole purpose is to generate money. Back in the 80's gaming was FUN!

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