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My son (age 10) has Xbox 360 and enjoys Minecraft. Him and his cousin (age 11) wanted to play online so we arranged 3 months of Xbox Live Gold. Just spent a frustrating hour trying to get the online game play working and failing! :mad: I am total noob at XBox Live so hope some more knowledgeable people on here have some ideas.

We sorted out all the permissions etc... and the final stumbling block was that everytime we accepted an invite to play Minecraft the game would start but in the demo mode and it seemed like I was expected to pay £13+ to download the game and continue. We have the full (and legal) game on disc and that was of course spinning in the drive at the time. We have never had any problems playing it before locally. My nephew also is running a fully legal disc version of Minecraft.

Any ideas as to what's going on? Have I missed a crucial privacy or family setting some where (i did check all these)?




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Is your nephew also using an Xbox 360 with Gold?

This is from Wikihow... Wikihow Minecraft multiplayer guide

1. Get Xbox Live Gold. You will need an Xbox Live Gold account in order to play online with other people. Gold accounts cost a monthly fee. If you don't have a Gold account, you can still play locally with others.

2. Make friends with the people you want to play with. You can only play Minecraft for Xbox 360 online with people that are on your Friends list. You cannot join random servers. Instead, you'll either create a world and invite friends to join, or join a friend's world.

3. Join a friend's game. If your friend has created an online world, it will appear in the list of worlds when you start Minecraft. If the game isn't full, you'll be able to join it by selecting the world from the list. Minecraft 360 games support up to eight players in a single world.

4. Create a new world to host your own online game. If you want to host a world for you and your friends, you can create one and allow them to join it.
  • Click "Play Game" on the main menu and then select "Create New World."
  • You can also load a world you've already created and select "Online game" as you load it.
5. Check the "Online game" box. This is usually checked by default. With this box checked, anyone on your friends list will be able to join your game.

6. Check the "Invite only" box (optional). If you'd rather not open the world up to everyone on your list, you can make it invite only. You will need to send invites to the friends that you want to allow into your game.

7. Finish creating your world. You can choose any of the world creation options, as well as input a seed or leave it blank for a random seed. Click "Create New World" once you're finished setting your options.

8. Invite your friends. Once you've got your world running, your friends will be able to join from their world lists if the game is not set to "Invite only." If it is, you'll need to send game invites to the friends you want to play with. Open your friends list, select the friend you want to play with, and then select "Invite to game."

Mark Greaves

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Thanks for the info jason7579 :smashin:

My nephew defo has Gold since I know he plays online with his other friends. I am 95% sure he has an XBox 360 but will check this.

We went through the steps from the wiki how - signed up to Gold, added nephew as a friend in my son's profile, etc... My nephew did steps 4 - 7, created world invited my son to play etc...

Initially we hit some stumbling blocks because our family and privacy settings were too tight to allow online play but each of these returned a detailed error message telling us what was wrong. When we sorted those out and accepted the invite to play we thought we had cracked it since Minecraft then started but we soon realised it was only in "demo" mode as if it wasn't recognising that we had a fully legal game disc in the machine.

What we didn't try was for my son to create the world and invite my nephew to play. Will do this at the weekend.

I have been trying to Google the problem but without success at the moment. Will have another play this weekend and then maybe resort to trying to raise it direct with Microsoft.

Thanks for your help.




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Delete the demo from the 360? Then it's forced to recognise the disc?

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