Minecraft Noob Questions


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I just bought minecraft on sale for £8 as i wanted to see what all the fuss is about. I have a few probably stupid sounding questions...

1. Do you always need to be online to play it (even single player)?
2. When i click on minecraft shortcut on my desktop it takes me to a login page 'minecraft news' is this normal?
3. Once logged in how do i just simply look at all the amazing stuff people have created? I dont want to necessarily be the only one in my world.
4. I am playing 1.0.0 is this the newest version?
5. how important are texture packs?



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you dont have to be online to play, but when you start an offline game you will start from scratch again but it does save the world.

logging in through minecraft news box is fine and normal.

once youve logged in through minecraft news, thats just you logging into your account. you will need to find servers to join to play multiplayer on in order to see what others have built. theres an avforums server or you can use google to find open public servers.

1.0.0 is the up to date version yes.

texture packs arent important at all really, they just give the game a certain look and some improve the quality of graphics a little, none of them affect gameplay though.


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thanks for that every question answered. i was a bit concerned that i may have got a watered down version since i got a code from g2play yesterday.

gonna play this with my 3 year old im gonna cheat and do the creative thing instead of survival so we can build a massive lightening mcqueen.

does anyone know if you can make wheels?

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