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I have bought a Epson tw 9400 and want a 2600mm wide image.

I would like it as far forward as possible due to some chairs at the side of the room which I don't want in the projected image.

What is the minimum distance I could place it on my ceiling from my screen?

If my projector is on the ceiling how much lens shift does it do? The top of my screen is around 500mm from my ceiling?

Last question if using the zoom on the projector to get it as close as to the screen does it effect the quality of the image?


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Epson have a very helpful website enabling you to calculate the distance "Epson Distance Calculator"

These calculations are usually taken from the front of the lens to the screen fabric. So if your room is only narrow, you will also need to work out the depth of your projector and leave enough space for cabling. Don't forget the depth of the screen too if you are critical.

There is also a rule of thumb about using minimum or maximum zoom, but with today's projectors, you would really struggle physically see the differences and from that point, I wouldn't worry to much
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