Mimo 32 - a couple of problems


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Firstly, a specific Mimo question - how do you get the thing to remember your personal settings like aspect ratio. I keep telling it to leave 4:3 pictures in that ratio but every time I restart it resets. I noticed today that it does remember this in standby mode but is this really the only way?

Secondly, and more generally. I seem to have a couple of 'shadows' near the top of the screen - one on each side. They are probably about the size of a hand. The one on the left has a blueish hue, the other is pinkish. Front speakers (Mission floorstanders) are about 1m from the screen and I have tried moving further with no effect. Centre was just below it but I have moved it today to see if this makes a difference. Also below is a compartment for 4 components in a 2 x 2 arrangement. Immediatly below the TV is a Sky+ unit on the left and a Denon DVD player on the right. Below these I have a Loewe VCR and a Sony Cinema amp. Could one of these be thowing out a massive field which would be causing it? e.g is Sky+ (or another) a well known cause of such problems and as such moving it as far away from the tv as possible will improve the situation

any advice would be appreciated,

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