Miller's Crossing Blu-ray Review

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      Reviewed by Cas Harlow, 27th September 2011.
      Some love them, some hate them, but the Coen Brothers are undeniably distinctive filmmakers who have crafted a variety of movies which certainly do not fit easily into conventional categories. Personally, I only love a couple of their movies, but Miller’s Crossing is one of them, a very unusual film noir, which has all the Directors’ trademark flourishes and quirky comedic tendencies, but also the backbone of a Dashiell Hammett story (the same one adapted for Kurosawa’s Yojimbo and Leone’s Fistful of Dollars), fantastic cinematography, a superb score, and a selection of powerhouse performances from all those involved. With atypical characterisation, and fantastic dialogue as well, there is little more you could want from a quality production – possibly the reason why this film has made so many top lists, including the AFI top 50 gangster films, and Time Magazine’s Top 100 films of all time. Still, I can’t deny that the work of the Coen Brothers is polarizing at the best of times, and many will simply not want to give this a chance. If you do, however, then you will hopefully find a true gem amidst their offbeat, oddball filmography. Highly recommended.

      On Region Free US Blu-ray we get video and audio that marks a considerable upgrade over the previous, fairly lacklustre, SD-DVD incarnations, as well as a couple of nice if insubstantial extras. Fans will want to pick this baby up, or at least get it as part of the Coen Brothers collection (indeed, if you actually like any of the other movies – two out of four was not enough to sell me). Newcomers would be advised to give this a rental, because Coen Brothers movies are very much like Marmite, and you won’t know whether you like it until you actually watch it. Make sure you make it through to the end, however, as this is a film which will reward you come the final act, and deliver considerably on subsequent viewings.

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