Military Shooters is there any excuse?

Gary D

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I've really had enough of military shooters, it seems that every week we get a new one that purports to be "revolutionary" while just being more run and gun rubbish.

I'm looking forward to CoD4 (On Rails gaming at its finest. TM) about as much as I'm looking forward to old age. While the likes of EA's Battlefield Bad Company need to be taken outside and shot before dawn. The Orange Box might have some merit and I've got my fingers firmly crossed that its worth the effort. I'm looking forward to Halo 3 because i love the Halo Universe and "Halo" is the single best FPS i've played on a console.

I've just completed Bioshock which was the first time i'd looked forward to a shooter in ages (not a military shooter maybe that had something to do with it). Clocked it and loved it and i'm due to start it again any day now. But even that had become quite samey by the end and the last boss was rubbish.

Military shooters are really leaving me cold now, I don't want to be an elite yank solider anymore. Is there such a thing?

Am I the only one that fed up with this ident-i-kit dross? I know that games cost a fortune to make these days and need millions in investment but there really isn't excuse for this - is there?



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Im certainly tired of WW2 shooters, Im looking forward to COD4 though being modern warfare, The beta is great :smashin:


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Really have no idea what the problem is. If you are fed up with too many of a game type, simply don't buy the next installment. Move on.

It's about choice at the end of the day. You like Halo, others, like me,think it's a long way down the list of FPSers.

I personally hate the SIMs. Am I fed up with them? No. Because I don't buy the games.

Moaning about a lack of games is one thing, moaning about an abundance is something else.

jason g

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no point moaning about these games, just dont buy them.
someone is bound to say next 'i dont like the halo games' and so on and so on, if u dont like a certain genre of games then dont buy them, but if others are happy to play them then so be it.



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Im not bored of military shooters at al its my favourite type of game, WW2 games maybe...


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Looking foward to another r6 style game the slower pace indoor shooters are great less manic than the run and guns


Couldn't you say this about FPS in general, I can't believe people still lap them up and look forwards to new ones.


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They sell, hell people even bought Hour of Victory.

Myself FPS is my favourite Genre so keep them coming I say!


WWII has been done, now, i can't bare another, however Brothers in arms looks great. I'm not going near Hour of Victory or even the new MOH, COD has done the right thing by changing from WWII.

Bro in arms will be great, but i can see that being the last of teh great WWII FPS's

[email protected]

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I agree with you about COD4, changing to yet another modern warfare game has effectively ended the COD franchise for me. The last thing we needed was an excellent standout series converting like a sheep to run of the mill pap. I've changed allegience to MOH now after loving the recent demo and I certainly wont be buying COD4.

I think its a huge loss to the WW2 genre because there just isnt the competition now to push developers into producing better and better WW2 games. Thankfully COD3 continues to be one of the most popular games on Live so there should be WW2 action for the forseeable but I do worry for the future.


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But don't you think that FPS's based on WW2 (COD, MOH) was down to people getting sick of FPS's based on spaceships & aliens (Quake, Halo, Doom), now its just time to move onto the next "big thing" which seems to be modern day warzones (COD4, Crysis).

Wouldnt really count GRAW & Rainbow 6 in the same bracket, The Tactical Shooter is my personal favourite, but that kind of shooter plays very differently to something like Halo.


if your getting bored of them dont buy/play them, simple aint it? there are plenty of other types of games out there you know.

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