Mighty miffed


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would like some advice if pos.
I have just sent back my third ( yep read it, third ) philips 36pw9607 pixel +.
Long story.... so now what do I get instead ? the 32 version or bump it for the new panny tx-36dt35.
has anyone seen the panny picture ? its had good marks in one mag but not so good in another, also on the philips it dosent seem to like digi pix with p+ on, my dvd on rgb was crapola and was better off on pal..LOL.
any advice would be great.
thx in advance.:confused:


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Consider the Toshiba 36ZT29 (rave review in this months HCC magazine) or the Sony 36FS76.

Sony has DRC line doubling like Pixel Plus. Some people who have changed from the 9607 to the Sony have commented on the improvements - have a look at the Sony 36FS76 thread.

The Tosh has integrated DVB, progressive scan and component inputs and can be found for less than the Sony.

I have decided to go for the Sony - the Tosh was vetoed by my wife on understandable aesthetic grounds - it is one huge box.


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LOL yeah my wife wasnt to keen on the box look either.
thx for the info..Ill take a look at the sony.


Try the Toshiba 36ZP18Q - not the latest model but with the right DVD player and interconnects (ie component video), the picture is stunning. Same goes for digital TV signals (e.g. Sky+).

And you can get it at a good price now because it isn't the latest.

Search the forum for views on this TV. Sure, you'll find the "problems" pages (but let's face it, which TV doesn't have have similar threads on here??!), but to be honest a lot of these problems discussed are either unlucky punters who have picked up a bad set, or are problems that need a microsope and an electronic engineering degree to spot. Most viewers/owners with the right kit would say this TV can't be beat, and I'd be one of them.

I've seen/ auditioned quite a few TVs in this category, and IMO this is best overall.



I would agree to an extent, having owned the tosh,bit can you put up with the screen flicker. On 100Hz unwatchable and on Auto the flicker just became to much, as I became more and more aware of it when panning across contrasty scenes ( or say the opening scenes of Bugs life). Got the Sony and 'overall' happier. Though I admit that the tosh was pin sharp on component i/p DVD.
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