Might build my own sub - any advice?



Hi, toying with the idea of building my own sub. Can anyone help me with the following:

1. A suitable book to get me going. Did a little circuit design on my HNC a few years ago but very rusty!
2. Where to buy a decent driver either in the uk or abroad if they ship to us.
3. Best place to buy components for the rest of it.
4. Any opinions on subs you've built yourself and an idea of the cost.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Cheers in advance.


the loudspeaker design cookbook by vance dickason is pretty good.http://www.diysubwoofers.org/misc/dumax/dumax.htm and http://www.snippets.org/ldsg/intro.php3 are also worth a visit.for drivers depends on wot your after,maplins stock a few drivers,wilmslow audio, http://www.wilmslow-audio.co.uk/ and Ilp http://www.iplacoustics.co.uk/INDEX.htm also stock a good range of bits and pieces.if your planning an active sub bk electronics http://www.bkelec.com/ do complete modules. cant give any idea wot it will cost you as i built my sub out of bits and pieces i had lying around,olny had to pay for the wood(£11 from b+q)

Peter O Sullivan

One other forum which has a very popular DIY section is
its loaded with info about diy sub's

If you do a search on the Tempest (just one example to get you started) diy sub's you will notice how popular and highly reccommended it is. There are a few different alignments you can choose from, pick one suiting what you want from the sub. Go to the www.adireaudio.com site to look up the different plans for each alignment and there applications and sizes.

Basic costs are $150 for the Tempest driver and $150 for a Parts Express plate amp (its recommended for the price). What ever else for materials then???

Not much considering the perfomance you can get from it.

Have a read anyway, interesting!


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DIY subs cover a wide area, what did you have in mind?

Cheapest sub possible.

Smallest sub.

Lowest bass possible.

Highest output you can get.

Here's a link to Adire's drivers:


This is what people have been doing with them:


Another forum worth checking out is:


their gallery is worth a looking at:


Give us you requirements.


First off, thanks for your replies.
Regarding what sort of sub I'm thinking of:

Looked at subs from REL, MJ acoustics which seem to go quite low and are good quality. Would ideally like to base a design on the Storm III and Pro 50, obviously not exactly the same but incorporating a lot of their features/principles.
Will be mainly using it for home cinema with a bit of music thrown in.
Intending to design the power, amp and crossover circuits myself after a bit of reading, before moving on to build the enclosure (after more reading) and then the actual circuits.
Consequently I'm keeping my eye out for a decent 250mm long-throw driver around which to base it but would like one that I could use as a downward firer.

Answers on a postcard.......

Thanks again.


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