Might be a hardware issue


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Not 100% sure that this is a hardwrae issue or what, so I dropped it in here.
Feel free to move it if not.

I have a Gainward 7950 1gb Graphics card with dual DVI out. This is connected to a Pioneer 436xde Plasma screen.
While I was rebuilding the machine I had a VGA (DSub) adapter plugged in to the DVI slot, in to the dsub connector on the plasma, and it produced a rather crisp and clear picture. The desktop filled the screen perfect, the type was crystal clear and it booted very fast (Also had popped in a new AMD 4800 X2 CPU)

When I connected the other DVI out with a DVI to HDMI Cable. I have a very different picture. The type is all squashed and doesn't look as clear, I have had to use the Underscan option in the Nvidia control panel to get the whole desktop on the screen and I get a nice black border around the desktop where it's shrunken it slightly to acheive this but the strangest thing is that it now takes ages to boot up and it won't display the Bios screen or the windows XP splashscreen. It just takes ages with a black screen and then suddenly the welcome screen appears. Not good when I want to flash the Bios or get in there for any reason.

Any ideas if this the limitation of going from DVI to HDMI?

The setup I have is that the PC is in the conservatory and it links to the plasma Media receiver box via that cable. Can't go back to dsub vga because that plugs in to the front of the receiver box and looks an eye sore in the lounge.

Any ideas?

Thanks and again, sorry if this in the wrong area.



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darnun said:
Any ideas if this the limitation of going from DVI to HDMI?
I think its a limitation on what signals the TV will accept through HDMI. Very few TVs expect you to connect a PC this way so you're limited to video resolutions like 720P & even then you have the overscan issues to deal with.

It's a pain & is the reason most people connect via VGA. It doesn't help either when the designers decide to stick the VGA connector on the front of the media box! I don't know what the logic is behind that.

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